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At, you will find what you need to break away from your smoking habit and overcome your nicotine addiction. With the doctors at you can finally find the ability to break free from nicotine and rejoin healthy Americans. Our treatment methods are varied and we offer our patients a new outlook on life. You’ll find that an prescription for smoking cessation will dramatically improve your living conditions and overall health. The key is to make the effort to quit and to reward yourself for making those leaps.

By providing helpful and useful information about smoking cessation, helps people to permanently stop their nicotine addiction. There are many different smoking cessation treatments such as the nicotine patch, nicotine gum, nasal spray or inhaler. We are proud to offer a variety of treatment methods for our patients. With a quick consultation from one of our trained online doctors, you can have a prescription for the smoking cessation treatment of your choice.

You will see results, if you follow the treatment, which will finally allow you to free yourself from your addiction. You will notice the effects as you gain lung capacity and decrease your risk of cancer. If you are truly committed to stopping your smoking habit then you will need help. That’s where the online doctors from come in.

We offer the following treatment methods:

• Chantix – is a prescription medication for adults age 18 and over that allows them to stop smoking

• Zyban – is a prescription medicine that’s designed to help smokers quite more easily than they would be able to without the drug

• Nicotine Patch – this patch releases nicotine into the blood stream

• Nicotine Gum – this gum, when chewed, releases a stream of nicotine

• Nasal Spray – is designed to allow people to stop smoking in conjuncture with a smoking cessation program

• Nicotine Inhaler – is a cigarette-type device that gives the user a small dose of nicotine to control their craving


WARNING: Limitations of Online Doctor/Medical Consultations and Online Prescriptions, QuickRxRefills Cannot and Will NOT Prescribe, Dispense, or Resell any and all medications Narcotics/Controlled Substances (this policy is fully enforced by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)) for Anti-depressants, Pain, Anxiety, Weightloss, Sleep, ADHD/ADD, Anabolic Steroids, Testosterone Replacement Therapy and any and all Medications that contain GabaPentin or Pseudroephedrine including non-controlled substances or any medications that are considered controversial, Off Labeled (Growth Hormone aka HGH) or recalled in nature such (i.e. Retin-A, Accutane). Furthermore, QuickRxRefills is not a substitute for an office based physician in your location nor is it a substitute for Emergency Medical Care or 911. If you do experience a "true" medical emergency your are encouraged to pick up the phone and dial 911 as soon as possible.