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herpesAccording to the Mayo Clinic, herpes simplex virus is the number one cause of blindness in the United States. This same virus is also the culprit behind painful cold sores or fever blisters (see pictures of cold sores). The herpes virus cannot only be annoying during a breakout, it can also cause complications in the patient or those around him or her.

While we recommend you contact your physician to learn about all the risk factors associated with herpes, the following are some common problems that can arise from the virus.

Individuals who have a cold sore should avoid contact with infants or people who suffer from cancer or AIDS. Additionally, people with eczema may contract a complicated infection from someone who has a herpes outbreak. The Mayo Clinic also recommends people with an outbreak avoid interacting with organ transplant recipients because of the possibility of sparking a severe infection. Lastly, herpes can attack the cornea of the eye and cause scarring which results in blindness.

Because a virus causes herpes cold sores, they generally heal up between seven to ten days. However, it is recommend that you seek medical attention if you have a weak immune system, severe symptoms, frequent outbreaks, irritation in the eyes, or if your sore does not heal within two weeks.

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