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Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Not Cancer Causing
Quick RX Refills specializes in cases of erectile dysfunction, along with a number of other medical conditions, offers their quick and easy prescription refill services for U.S. citizens.

Erectile Dysfunction: An Overview
Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the occasional failure to achieve or maintain an erection, which is caused by a variety of things, such as fatigue or excessive alcohol intake.

Are You Ready To Know This Shocking Truth About Sex After Herpes?
Herpes is a virus, transmitted by physical interaction to the infected area during an outbreak. It can appear orally or on the genitals, and is painful, uncomfortable, and embarrassing.

Male Pattern Baldness Treatment Options Still Being Researched
QuickRXRefills provides prescription services to citizens of the United States with male pattern baldness and various other medical conditions.

The Balding Effect
Male pattern baldness (MPB), also known as androgenetic alopecia, is the single most common cause of hair loss in men, accounting for more than 95% of all baldness.

5 Ways to Cope with Seasonal Allergies at Home
Allergies can be a nightmare this time of the year, read along to learn about 5 strategies, we at Quick RX Refills suggest to those at home for coping with allergens.

Can You Buy Prescription Drugs Online?
Like many other questions regarding prescription drugs, the legalities of online sales are not as cut and dry as they could be. There are many factors which go into the modern industry that is telemedicine, and its governing bodies. Can you buy online prescriptions? Absolutely, but not for everything, and not from anywhere.

Reasons Federal Regulation of Telemedicine is Needed
There is no question that telemedicine has been able to save lives in many ways. It's been used in remote areas where medical staff has been scarce to help people ward of illnesses, it has proved to be both a money and time saver for many in need of medical treatment all over the world.

Telemedicine is Becoming the New Age of Meeting Healthcare Needs
There have been many changes in the health care industry in the last few years. With the passing of the Affordable Care Act, many people who were unable to obtain medical insurance now have protection.

Introduction to Telemedicine Practice
Telemedicine facilitates the delivery of health services for rural regions, and under ideal circumstances, it is useful for patient education and administrative meetings.

New Technology in Telemedicine and Reports of Patient and Provider Satisfaction
Telemedicine is an innovative way for doctors to communicate with their patients.

Telemedicine Plays a Bigger Role than Patient Convenience
The rapid advancement of technology in the field of communication has opened the doors for many possibilities, especially in the medical industry.

Health Care Without Leaving the Home The Emergence of Telehealthcare
The definition of telemedicine healthcare. How you can receive medical consultations from a doctor in the comforts of your home.

Long Distance Doctors Replace Long Wait Times!
Does a trip to your doctor fill you up with dread? Sure - the medicinal, sterile odor of your local doctors office does very little to alleviate the nerves, but many patients suffer an anxiety that far surpasses fear of needles, or even the off-kilter measurements of the clunky, GP scale: its the fear of waiting. In the U.S, the average wait time for physicians is twenty-three minutes, yet most doctors see each patient for just under thirteen minutes. If you think about it, six doctor visits would be the equivalent of two hours of your life, just waiting for your appointment!